March 2015 Letter

25/03/2015                                                                                                     Ryan Rovelli #914

Hi Team

I have had a busy time since the last letter. With Gladstone only two weeks away we decided to fit in a last minute Club day at Moranbah on the 22nd February. It was a very hot day with the temperatures in the 40’s. I was riding the 250 that day and I had a big crash on the last lap of the first race which ended my day of racing. I was told that I had a Fine crack in my right Collar Bone and had pulled some muscles in my shoulder. I had to be in a sling for 2 weeks. With Gladstone only just the two weeks away I was going to be strapped for time. The day before Gladstone we were given the all clear so we headed South.

2015 MPE CQMX Round 1 – Gladstone 7/8 March

I hit the Gladstone track with a heavily strapped shoulder and hoping that it would hold out and get me through the weekend. I had an up and down weekend and in the end had to miss the last race of both classes. My shoulder had decided that enough was enough for this weekend.

Junior Lites 2/ Class – Bike: Yamaha 125

Race 1:              12th                Race 2:  13th                Race 3:               9th                 Race 4:  DNS

Junior Lites 4/ Class – Bike: Honda 250

Race:   5th                    Race 2:               9th                 Race 3:               6th                 Race 4:  DNS

2015 MPE CQMX Round 2 – Moranbah 21/22 March

After two weeks of complete rest of my shoulder, I headed to Round 2 of the CQMX at Moranbah feeling confident that I was right to race. I had a great weekend of racing and my shoulder handled it well.

Junior Lites 2/ Class – Bike: Yamaha 125

Race 1:   12th               Race 2:   7th                 Race 3:               6th                 Race 4:   7th

Junior Lites 4/ Class – Bike: Honda 250

Race 1:   5th                 Race 2:               6th                 Race 3:               7th                Race 4:   7th

Overall position for the weekend

Junior Lites 2/ Class:   7th 

Junior Lites 4/ Class:   6th

Next weekend we head to Rockhampton for the First Round of the Queensland Titles. This will be my first Queensland’s and I am looking forward to the experience.

I would like to thank you all for your help and support so far this season, it is very much appreciated.

Thanks, Ryan Rovelli