Maverick Welding is situated in Nebo Queensland, servicing the mining sector and the local industries within the Bowen Basin and Mackay areas. Maverick offers consistently high quality maintenance, welding, fabrication and heavy equipment repairs both on and offsite. Also encompassing a labour hire division to assist with shut down labour and shift relief.  Along with producing a range of digger kits and associated components. Maverick Welding follow the philosophy that ‘ATTITUDE is everything’ – we believe that having the right attitude is the key to providing our clients with the best possible service and products.


Working within a fast-paced and progressive industry, we understand the need to stay up to date and ensure our staff are on the cutting edge of the newest equipment and training available. We use the latest 3D CAD programs to design, develop and engineer once off or multiple products as required by clients. Maverick Welding also use and recommend Miller and WIA products – a leading manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment.


Since our establishment in 1999, Maverick Welding has built a solid reputation as a provider of exceptional services for all industries. We will travel anywhere to install our products or provide fabrication and welding services. With extensive experience in machinery crack repairs and the latest industry techniques, Maverick can ensure that our service is second to none on quality and attitude.