Hi Team

The start of the 2015 MX Season is finally upon us, I am excited and ready for a big year ahead. We havebeen busy preparing for the season. During the holidays I attended a Ben Schodel 2 day training School and have been keeping fit with the help of a personal trainer. I have been riding as much as I can.

8th February 2015 – Middlemount Club Day

We started the season with a Club day at Middlemount on the 8th February, it was a hot day but the track was in great condition. I rode the YZ125 for this day in a field of 10 riders on a mix of 2 Strokes and 4 Strokes. It felt so good to be back out there racing.

The first race I came in 4th behind a few 4 strokes so I was happy with this result and was ready to go again. Unfortunately I crashed in the second race and wasn’t able to catch up to them and finished 7th. The third race I had a good start and was in 4th most of the race, a gear leaver malfunction half way through left me in 4thgear for the rest of the race. I managed to hold onto 4th until the last lap and finally finished in 5th.

Overall I was happy with the day, for the first race meet of the season. Next weekend we race in Mackay for the Club Des Clubs, my first 2 day event for the Season.

14th / 15th February 2015- Mackay – Club Des Clubs

We arrived at the Riverside Mackay track early Saturday morning to a wet and boggy track, with more rain on the way. After some delay racing was underway. I rode my Honda CRF250, this was my first 2 day event on this bike. We only received the bike back from a rebuild 3 days before, so I was excited to ride it.

In the first race I got a great start but hit a bump on the second corner which flew me up on the berm. I gained ground quickly and had just past 2nd spot approaching the last lap board when I slid out. I had a bit of trouble getting the 250 started but managed to make it to the finish.

The rain came in and was making the track very sloppy, after a few stops and the completion of the first round it was decided to stop racing for the day and see how Sunday turned out.

Well Sunday morning was a beautiful morning with the sun shining, there were a few showers and the track was still wet but I was keen to go.

I had another great start and was in second for most of the race; I had a small tumble midway through and finished in third. The next two races I was having a great ride, sitting in second until the last lap . I stalled at the same spot in both races, coming in third. Overall I got 2nd place for the weekend.

I had a great weekend and felt that I rode well. There are a few things I still need to practice but I am looking forward to Gladstone and the start of the CQ Round

I would like to thank you all for your help and support in the lead up to the season, it is very much appreciated.

Ryan Rovelli