What a weekend for Red Bull Racing, now it wasn’t the finish they were hoping for but the Bathurst 1000 2014 is one race that will be remembered for a long time. In one of the practice races Craig had a bit of a smash with ex co-driver warren luff. This bump from luff placed his car on its side after hitting the tyre wall and Craig’s car dinged up at the back but regardless, Craig jumped out of his as quickly as possible ran over to the Holden car on its side to help his mate out. After the shaken Luffy got out of his car they both gave each other a pat on the back and ended it with a hug.

This was one crash to remember as it showed the friendship you make while in this business and it also showed off the mateship between these two talented drivers. This gave the Red Bull team a bit of work with only six hours to get Craig’s car ready for the top 10 shootout. On the other hand Jamie got a bit too close to the wall, leading him to miss the top 10 shootout and start in position 24. This wasn’t the best start to the weekend but the Red Bull team pulled through and got the cars ready for the big race. Sunday was the biggest day of all even with all the excitement leading up to this day, because it was the day they found out who would win Bathurst 1000.

So the boys make their way to their positions, Craig in 5th and Jamie in 24th Jamie got to a good start as he over took a car right from the word go but, that wasn’t all for Jamie by lap 20 he had moved up 20 positions. Jamie came out fighting and putting in 110% giving it all he’s got. It was a race and a half as the boys raced, with everyone crashing at turn 2 they red flagged the race as they tried to fix the problem with the turn as many crashes were at this particular turn. Finally after a while the race began again after they had fixed the problem and the boys did well until Jamie loses a lap. He then had to start from the back once again and had to work his way back to that number 1 spot. Jamie finally makes it back into the number 1 position followed by Mark Winterbottom and in third is Craig.

All is going good for both Jamie and Craig until Craig accidently gives Winterbottom a little bit of a push which cause him to lose his position, Craig is then given a black flag and goes to the back of the pack. It’s all up to Jamie and he holds that number 1 position until car number 6 overtakes him on the last run home and Jamie unfortunately runs out of fuel but crosses the finish line at 5th. It was a spectacular run for both Jamie and Craig right the way through with Jamie giving us all a drive to remember he will defiantly go down in the history books personally for me as I don’t think that we will see a drive like that in a very long time. Both Craig and Jamie did us proud even though they didn’t get that podium finish but they are winners in our eyes and I know that next they will come back to Bathurst and fight twice as hard to get that win. Boys you have done great and remember that it isn’t always about winning the race but about being part of it, and I think that Jamie and Craig have shown people that this weekend at Bathurst and that this race will always be remembered as a great fight for Red Bull racing even though they did not win they will be remembered for it.