What a weekend for Red Bull Racing Australia as both of their cars finished with a back to back 1-2 finish at Ipswich. Craig got to start the first race in pole position with Jamie following him closely. But Jamie’s car was a bit stronger than Craig’s and took the no.1 position with 10 laps left of the race. For the second race the two started in third and fourth. They had no other option but to settle into their positions for majority of the race but it was until the very end when the two leaders had a tangle and a black flag was called which let Jamie and Craig head into another finish of first and second. So after a bad weekend at Townsville the boys feel that they have redeemed themselves this weekend and are back on track to winning another championship, Jamie has once again taken the no.1 spot on the leaderboard for the championship. The boys as usual have done well and gave it 110% effort. To watch the boys have another good weekend Sydney Motorsport Park is coming up, it starts on the August 23. So tune in and hope that it is a good weekend. we wish the boys all the luck and know that will have a great outcome no matter what.