This week the guys from Miller/WIA and production guys from Fuller Productions paid us a visit to record footage for upcoming testimonials. It was an interesting day of filming considering the unusual conditions. It actually rained here in Nebo. Not enough to get wet but enough to settle the dust into a fine mud paste and make things slightly uncomfortable. As Will Fuller said “Adelaides Yearly rainfall.” Bit of an exaggeration but none the less some rain is better than the alternative.

It is great to keep promoting the quality products we utilise in our business from WIA and Miller. In these hard economic times, the cost savings made from these smart purchases really do help you keep in the game. Whether it is the fuel savings or reduced maintenance costs, the fact we have almost 100% availability of our fleet of Miller machines is a credit to these great products.

Thanks to Glen, Will and Tim for their efforts. Hope to see you all again in Nebo very soon.

Cheers Mule