Our training department have just spent time in Las Vegas at the World Fab Show researching the latest Fabrication & Welding Equipment available.  There has been a huge advance in technology, especially in welding in the past 12 months.  Maverick Welding will endure to include some of this technology into future budgets to keep ahead of the game.  On completion of the Fab Show the training guys had the Privilege to visit some of the Miller Welding Factories in Appleton Wisconsin to see firsthand the efforts that go into building the quality equipment we use.  The quality testing that is carried out on Miller Welding Machines is unbelievable and is testament to why we never have issues with Miller Machines we use.  It is with much gratitude we were afforded the luxury to see this all firsthand our heartfelt thanks to Joe Gitter & The Miller Team for their awesome hospitality during our visit.